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Pretty Vacant

Colleeny Weeny
14 January
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24 hour party people, a clockwork orange, aladdin sane, alan ginsberg, american history x, andy warhol, apathy, arms, art, art history, basquiat, beat literature, beer, big cookies, black and white photography, black hooded sweatshirts, black t-shirts, boys, brady quinn, cheez-its, chicago, chile, christian slater, christmas, classic rock, claudio bravo, cock, daria, david bowie, desperately seeking susan, diego luna, diego velazquez, diet coke, dogs, e.l. doctorow, el chacotero sentimental, elvis costello, empire records, family guy, felix da housecat, fight club, football, frank o'hara, ghost world, greg kot, grilled cheese, hair dye, heathers, iggy pop, incubus, indie films, jack kerouac, jack white, james dean, janes addiction, jimi hendrix, jimmy page, joe strummer, john bonham, john i'm only dancing, john lydon, john steinbeck, johnny rotten, joy division, juice, kenyon, kenyon college, kevin smith, kissing, latin america, led zeppelin, lollapalooza, lou reed, love, madonna, marijuana, mark ronson, men, mick jagger, morrissey, music, nirvana, old men, paintings, paul newman, penguins, perry farrell, philosophy, piercings, pink floyd, pizza, popsicles, posters, potatos, pulp fiction, punk, punk rock, punta arenas, queen, red hot chili peppers, reservoir dogs, ringo starr, rivers cuomo, robert smith, rock n roll, rolling stone, rudy, run lola run, santiago, sex, sex and violence, shows, sid vicious, siouxie sioux, slc punk, sleeping, sound opinions, spain, spanish, sublime, sylvia plath, t rex, tattoos, the beatles, the bouncing souls, the buzzcocks, the clash, the cure, the damned, the late '70s, the pixies, the rolling stones, the sex pistols, the smiths, the stooges, the white stripes, titian, tmwfte, velvet underground, wayne's world, weezer, wilco, writing, y tu mama tambien, ziggy stardust